Slab Jacking Interior Slab Before & After

Slab Jacking Methods – Interior Slab – Before & After

Slab Jacking – Methods and Alternatives

Over time, concrete settles as the soil beneath it compacts or erodes. As a result, concrete stairs, driveways, walkways, or foundations can begin to crack or tilt. While this damage looks unsightly, it also poses a safety hazard and detracts from your home’s value. Learn how slab jacking methods and alternatives can fix this for you.


Slab Jacking – What is it?

The process of slab jacking, which is sometimes called mudjacking, refers to a unique leveling process where a grout mixture is pumped through a hole in the concrete and into the soil below. The grout expands in the compacted or eroded soil beneath the concrete and pushes the sloping or sunken concrete back up in the process. As the grout mixture hardens in place, the concrete remains in its original position.

Slab jacking can restore or repair sunken concrete quickly and effectively, but not as fast as or as efficient as our slab jacking alternative – PolyLEVEL polyurethane injection.

Slab Jacking Alternative – Why Choose One?

Our slab jacking alternative is a cost-effective and durable solution to sunken concrete. The process does not disturb the surrounding area the way concrete replacement would. Our newer, less labor-intensive polyurethane injection method offers homeowners and businesses a quicker, more efficient way of repairing concrete. Watch PolyLEVEL in action!

Fix your driveways, walkways, sidewalks, concrete patios, garage floors, concrete stoops, stairs and more with our foam-leveling technique!

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