Sinking Interior Floor Slab Nashville Tennessee

When you have a sinking interior floor slab, such as garage floors and the concrete floor on the lowest level of your home, there are very few viable options. Many first turn to concrete removal and replacement, but quickly realize the major disruption, expense and time commitment is overwhelming.

In order to replace concrete, you must first remove the existing concrete. Typically, a jackhammer breaks the existing concrete slabs into pieces, and then haul away all of those chunks of concrete. In the case of sinking interior floor slabs, you have to remove all of the home furnishings, floor coverings and interior partition walls. Then you will pour a new floor and allow it to cure for at least two weeks. Finally, interior partition walls can be re-built, floor coverings re-installed, and home furnishings brought back in. This solution is obviously disruptive and expensive, but the real problem is that it doesn’t address the issue.

The Problem: It’s Not the Concrete Slab!

The sinking interior floor slab isn’t the problem; the soil supporting the concrete slab is the problem. When you install a new concrete slab over the same troublesome soil, you can expect that your new slab will sink just like the old one.

Our Sinking Interior Floor Slab Solution:

The good news it that our Concrete Lifting System, PolyLEVEL can easily raise these floor slabs back to their original position quickly, with minimal disruption, and at a very economical cost. Most importantly, it offers:

  • Soil strengthening capability. Upon injection, the PolyLevel foam does more than expand upward against the sunken concrete. It also moves downward, expanding into loose soil areas benefiting from the foam’s consolidating action.

To repair your sinking interior floor slab, you’ll need to know exactly what YOU need at your home. Finding out is simple. Contact Tennessee Foundation Services and you can expect a trained, concrete lifting expert to come out to your home for a complete inspection, consultation and free written proposal including cost.

Sinking Interior Floor Slab

Before – Sinking Interior Floor Slab

Sinking Interior Floor Slab

After PolyLEVEL, we lifted this concrete slab back to it’s original position.