Carbon Fiber Repair for Foundation Walls

Low-Profile Repair System for Bowing, Buckling Foundation Walls

Carbon Fiber Repair with CarbonArmor Wall Support System repairs cracked and bowing walls.

Foundation walls like these can be scary and unattractive.

More importantly, these structural issues may affect the value and usability of your home.

Inward movement of any type of below grade or foundation wall is generally caused by the expansion of the soil outside your home.

Over time, foundation walls can no longer resist the pressure from the soil, and the wall begins to crack and bow inward.

Bowing wall problems can be fixed permanently, quickly, and with almost no disruption to your home.

Carbon Fiber Repair for Foundation Walls
Carbon Fiber Repair for Foundation Walls


The CarbonArmor Wall Reinforcing System from Tennessee Foundation Services reinforces and stabilizes your foundation walls, restoring value and integrity to your home.

The CarbonArmor® System is a Fiber-Reinforced Polymer that is 10 times stronger than steel and is specifically designed for foundation walls.

The carbon fiber technology used in the CarbonArmor® system is the same technology used by the US Department of Defense, Army Corp of Engineers and aerospace engineers to reinforce skyscrapers, bomb shelters and bridges around the world.

You can feel confident with CarbonArmor’s lifetime warranty!

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Carbon Fiber Repair for Foundation Walls – How It Works:

The CarbonArmor Wall Support System is installed from the inside of your home using a high-strength epoxy resin which absorbs any pressure from the wall, rather than transferring that pressure into your floor system like traditional I-beam systems. Installations require no outside digging and are typically completed in less than one day. The system’s flexible design allows the strap to contour tight against your foundation wall, ensuring the ultimate coverage and adhesion when compared to other wall repair systems.

CarbonArmor® Installation Steps:

Carbon Fiber RepairStep One: Prepare the wall surface for the CarbonArmor® strap.
Carbon Fiber RepairStep Two: Measure the wall and cut strap to proper length.
Carbon Fiber RepairStep Three: Completely saturate the CarbonArmor® strap with epoxy resin.
Carbon Fiber RepairStep Four: Apply epoxy resin to the foundation wall.
Carbon Fiber RepairStep Five: Adhere the CarbonArmor® strap to the wall.
Carbon Fiber RepairStep Six: Apply a final topcoat of epoxy and ensure uniform adhesion to the wall.

The low-profile design of the CarbonArmor® System means the straps can easily be concealed with paint or drywall and does not compromise any of your valuable living space.

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