crawl space repair

Encapsulation will transform your crawl space into a dry & healthy part of your home.

Crawl Space Problems:

  • Condensation
  • Crawl Space Water
  • High Indoor Humidity
  • Sagging Floors
  • Damaged Floor Joists
  • Crawl Space Mold & Odors
  • Vented Crawl Space
  • Wet/Failing Crawl Space Insulation
  • Loose/Failing Vapor Barrier
  • Wood Rot

Nashville Crawl Space Contractors

Crawl space repair problems are common in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas, so safeguard your home and transform your crawl space into useable square footage that can increase your property’s value. Tennessee Foundation Services utilizes advanced moisture management methods and products to keep your crawl space dry, and prevent future water problems.

Dirt crawl spaces tend to harbor excessive moisture and often limit the use of the space for storage. Tennessee Foundation Services installs a 20-mil polyethylene crawl space vapor barrier to conquer mold and moisture. This permanent solution can transform your crawl space into a clean, dry, and usable space for storage. And note, crawl space encapsulation systems are less expensive than pouring a traditional concrete floor in the space.


Understanding Crawl Space Humidity

Damp, Wet, Humid Crawl Spaces Affect Your Home & Health

crawl space repair - Stack Effect

1. Air is drawn through crawl space vents. 2. Air is drawn out of the crawl space into the first floor at 50-60% – you’re breathing that unhealthy air. 3. Air warms, rises, and escapes through the roof.

Humidity is your crawl space’s number one enemy. And, unfortunately, many homeowners believe open crawl space vents answer moisture and humidity problems, when in reality open crawl space vents cause moisture and humidity problems.

So, why are so many homes built with crawl space vents?

The answer – vents were added to allow moisture to escape. But the air flow of your home flows upwards – not outwards. So whatever air is in your crawl space spreads throughout your home and becomes the air you breathe.

Have You Checked Your Crawl Space Lately?

If the answer is no, there’s a very good chance your crawl space may resemble one of the photos below.

Humidity Allows:

  • Rotting & Mold
  • Rusted, Corroded Metal
  • Odors & Allergens
  • Higher Utility Bills

Are You Afraid of Your Crawl Space?

Unless humidity and moisture are controlled, your crawl space can compromise your home’s structural integrity, affect the air you breathe, and can become a dwelling place for pests and rodents. Let Tennessee Foundation Services inspect your crawl space for you – for FREE!


crawl space repair Nasty Crawl Space

Solutions For Moist, Damp Crawl Spaces

How To Keep Your Crawl Space Healthy & Dry

The first thing you need to do is have an expert assess your crawl space to understand the source of the problem.

If your crawl space has a dirt floor, it means it’s not sealed from the earth. This means outside elements are likely to be living in your crawl space. And remember, the air in your crawl space finds it way up into your living areas through the stack effect.

Moisture control is vital in a crawl space, as moisture and humidity create the ideal environment for dust mites, mold, and other parasitic organisms.

Keep your home and family safe and healthy – start by getting your FREE crawl space inspection today!


Crawl Space Repair Services & Products

Crawl Space Encapsulation – Vapor Barrier System
Rather than let the moisture in and then try to get rid of it, our vapor barrier system isolates a home from the earth entirely so the humidity never gets in there to begin with. This strategy also stops bugs and other critters from getting into a crawl space while reducing, or sometimes even eliminating mold growth and rot. Crawl space encapsulation with our vapor barrier system will transform any crawl space into a dry, usable, healthy space. Our vapor barrier is a 20-mil thick liner installed across the floor of the crawl space, then mechanically fastened to the walls. We also seal the vents, which rids the damp, moist air from entering. Learn more about crawl space encapsulation and our Vapor Barrier System.

Crawl Space Moisture Control – Crawl Space Dehumidification
The American Lung Association, American Medical Association, and the EPA recommend maintaining relative humidity levels in the 30% – 50% range. Ventilation and air conditioning alone cannot provide the protection offered by a high capacity dehumidifier like the SaniDry Sedona. Protecting your family and your biggest investment is worth the best. Learn more about our Crawl Space Dehumidifiers.

SmartJacksTM Crawl Space Support System
A number of structural and cosmetic damages can be caused by the settling columns or sagging beams and floor joists in your crawl space. When crawl spaces are built, they are part of the load bearing structure. With this said, care needs to be taken to design the crawl space to hold whatever is on top of it. Either immediately or slowly over time, inadequate structural design, weak foundation soils supporting crawl space support columns, and weakening floor joists due to moisture and wood rot in the crawl space will cause structural and cosmetic problems that need to be fixed. The SmartJack is an adjustable, supplemental support system used in crawl spaces to stabilize and potentially lift failing floor joists or beams. Click to learn more about The SmartJack System.