Concrete Raising Nashville TN and Surrounding

Prevent Tripping Hazards!

If your concrete sidewalk, walkway, driveway, or patio is sinking, tilted, or slanted, you may have heard that concrete raising can fix things.

Concrete Raising Fixes:

  • concrete driveways
  • concrete sidewalks
  • concrete patios
  • concrete garage floors

Our concrete lifting methods offer a simple, cost-effective alternative to removing and replacing the affected concrete.

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concrete raisingconcrete raising

Why Does Concrete Sink?

Over time, concrete can sink or settle due to erosion or compaction of the soil beneath the concrete surface. Seemingly overnight, a surface that was previously level can appear tilted or sunken. If this is not fixed, the concrete can get cracks that pose a trip hazard and make your property look unkempt.

Concrete raising is a process that reverses concrete settling and restores the concrete surface to its original appearance and placement. At TFS, we drill small holes into the concrete surface and pipe a polyurethane foam into the holes. The foam then expands in the air pockets and pushes the sunken concrete up so that it once again appears flat. When the concrete has been raised to its original position, we then patch the small holes with concrete so no one can tell the surface was repaired!

Within 15 to 30 minutes of the concrete raising process, you will be able to walk or drive on the concrete surface.

Why Fix Uneven Concrete?

Concrete raising is a cost-effective and minor repair that can solve a major home problem: Uneven, settled concrete. It is cheaper, simpler, and often a better option than removing and replacing the old concrete with fresh concrete.

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