Concrete Porch Repair - Before & After

Concrete Porch Repair – Before and After

Concrete Porch Repair

Your concrete porch is one of the first things people see when it comes to your home’s exterior. And regarding curb appeal – it’s also a major selling point. But over time, there are contributing factors which may hinder the appearance, and even create a safety issue with your concrete porch.



Concrete Problems and Concrete Repair

Concrete problems often are associated with two notable characteristics of the material: weight and stiffness. If the soil beneath a concrete slab is not sufficiently dense or strong, the slab’s weight will push down on the soil, causing the slab to sink below its proper level. If the slab is well-supported in one area but not in another, concrete’s inability to flex will often cause the slab to crack – sinking in one area while remaining stable in another. Sunken concrete is a very common problem, often occurring in sidewalks, driveways, patios, and other slab-on-grade applications.

Concrete Porch Repair Methods

Weather, lack of maintenance, or outright neglect can harm your concrete porch. But if you notice cracks, holes, separation gaps, or a wobbly, loose concrete surface, you should have your concrete porch assessed by a professional to rule out settlement or any structural issues. Concrete resurfacing is an option, but only if you’re the right candidate; resurfacing a sinking slab will only create more work and become a costly nightmare in the long-run.

Concrete porch replacement, while also an option, is again costly and a lengthy, invasive process. But a sinking slab, stairs, patios, and porches have an alternative repair option, PolyLEVEL polyurethane injection. The PolyLEVEL process involves drilling one or more small holes in the sunken area of the slab then injecting a foam which expands beneath the slab. With the guidance of a professional PolyLEVEL technician, the foam expands and raises the concrete back to its level, original position. Within 15 minutes of setting, PolyLEVEL may be walked or driven on. PolyLEVEL is also a fraction of the cost of traditional concrete repair methods!

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