Need a Lift? We Got You! Concrete Lifting Jackson TN

Do you need Concrete Lifting Jackson TN? Did you know engineers and architects across North America trust the PolyLEVEL® technology so much that they regularly specify it to support major interstates, highways and commercial structures? The PolyLEVEL® System is a cutting edge approach to lifting and repairing sinking concrete. PolyLEVEL® takes the outdated concept of mudjacking and combines it with up-to-date knowledge and technology. Instead of using a heavy mixture of concrete and mud, this technique uses light weight, high-density polymers to lift sinking concrete slabs back to a proper elevation. To begin this process, we drill pen-sized holes in the concrete and use our custom equipment to inject structural grade polymers into the void. After the void is filled, the expansion of the polyurethane allows for a positive lift and stabilization of the concrete slab. This is the preferred method for all homeowners.

The Problem: Sinking Front Porch

Porch Cap Concrete Lifting Jackson TN

Notice the concrete settlement on this front porch where the slab, brick and pillar meet.

During the construction of a home, driveway, patio or sidewalk, soil is commonly moved around or spread out to get to the desired grade level. Oftentimes, the concrete slab is poured right on top of these fill soils that have been moved around. If the fill was poorly compacted, the fill soil compresses and settles, and a void is created under the concrete. Again, with nothing to support it, the concrete cracks, breaks and settles in to the void. PolyLEVEL® can be used on any concrete slab. In this case, we visited a home in Jackson TN with a sinking front porch, which was creating a tripping hazard. A porch is often one of the fist things a person sees when visiting or entering your home. You can see how easily PolyLEVEL fixes trip hazards and enhances the beauty and impression a person has of a home. Doesn’t it make sense to make sure it is free from liability (tripping hazard) and aesthetically pleasing? PolyLEVEL®, aka Concrete Lifting System, can close cracks, fix gaps and lift the position of the concrete porch back to its original elevation.

Our Concrete Lifting Jackson TN Solution: PolyLEVEL®

Porch After Concrete Lifting Jackson TN

After PolyLEVEL: TFS was able to lift this porch back to its original position.

Concrete Lifting Jackson TN – we were able to use the PolyLEVEL® System and lift the front porch back into place. This homeowner was thrilled with the outcome. Not only was the porch no longer a tripping hazard, but now it looks great and adds value to their home.

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