commercial foundation repair services

Our Commercial Division supports existing structural repair & offers products to strengthen new construction foundations.

Commercial Foundation Repair

New Construction Services

Tennessee Foundation Services’ Commercial New Construction Division supports existing structural repair and offers products to strengthen new construction foundations. From stabilizing bowed foundation walls to installing helical piers, we provide a range of customized engineering solutions to help ensure the structural integrity of your building. Our certified foundation specialists have undergone rigorous training and as a result, are more than qualified to recommend the best solution for your foundation problems.

We work with commercial property managers and owners to get to the root of the problem. Our services are designed for multi-family housing, apartments, schools, office buildings, shopping centers and other commercial properties. To us, there is no thing as too big or too small—every job deserves our expertise, precision and dedication.

Protect Your Commercial Investment

Whether you are a business owner looking to set up operations in a newly purchased property or a real estate investor hoping to expand your portfolio, don’t let a foundation problem rob you of potential returns.

Foundation issues are never worth ignoring. They may start off small but can quickly escalate into bigger problems if not addressed and corrected right away. This can threaten the livelihood of your business, ruin the value of your building and create dangerous conditions for tenants and families, which could eventually render the property structurally unsafe. Protect your investment by devoting the time, energy and resources it requires to fix any foundation issues. Remember, the earlier you take action, the better.

We also repair cracked and settling concrete slab. Learn more here, or contact us today for a consultation.


Do Business with a Trusted Partner

As a member of the largest foundation company network, Foundation Supportworks, we belong to a distinct group of geotechnical experts who have developed products that allow us to propose the best plan of action for your failing foundation.

Foundation Supportworks’ facilities are ISO 9001 certified and have been approved by the Canadian Welding Bureau. The products are galvanized in accordance with ASTM A123 & ASTM A153 standards for hot-dip zinc coatings and are routinely spot-checked by professional engineers to ensure quality standards are met. The engineered helical pile and helical tension anchor systems and push pier systems for underpinning existing commercial and residential structures have proven to be the highest quality products available in our industry.

As a trusted partner, our commitment to you is the cornerstone of our business. By refusing to cut corners and offering every customer the same level of exceptional service, our value extends well beyond the work we do. The level of dedication, time and skill we invest in identifying the underlying issue and mapping out a customized plan of action for your foundation problem is simply unmatched.

Let our team of engineering and construction professionals lay the groundwork for one of your greatest investments. Contact us today for a free consultation and inspection.